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Franchise Grading System

How do we determine which franchises are the good ones?

Not every franchise is created equal.  Some are great, and some are just not worth the investment - but determining which make the grade can be a full-time job.  

That is why we developed our Franchise Grading System.  You can be sure that any franchise we connect you with has passed our test.


It focuses on the five factors that have the biggest impact on the franchisee success rate.

Those factors are:

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Service Fulfillment

  • Training

  • Technology

  • On-going Support & Franchise Culture

We analyze each factor listed above and assign a grade to each.  Every franchise that we choose to represent have received an "A" on each element.    

Know this - All Revolution Franchise approved brands are great franchises, but that doesn't mean that all of them are a good fit for you.  That's why we take the time to understand you before we will ever connect you with a franchise.  Learn more about the way that we help you to find the perfect match here.


The marketing of your new franchise is an integral component to your success.  We only represent franchises that understand the importance of marketing, and execute it at an expert level.

Service Fulfillment

Since you will likely be investing in a franchise that is in an industry with which you have no experience, the service fulfillment side of the business must be fool-proof.  


Without the most modern technology your business will get left behind.  A good franchisor will invest heavily in marketing, sales, and business software to be sure that their franchisees say ahead of the curve.

Sales & Revenue

Once the marketing works, a franchise must have a clear way of turning the opportunities into revenue.  A clear selling system is a must with any good franchise.  

Also a must - A clear pathway to being cashflow positive within the FIRST 3 MONTHS!


Training is a standard offering for every franchise, but how well its implemented varies greatly from franchise to franchise.  The training you receive will often times determine whether you succeed or fail.

Ongoing Support

The benefit of buying into a franchise is that you're in business for yourself, not by yourself.  But not all franchises create a culture of support and encouragement.  

What Our Clients Say

Peter Johnson | Boulder Colorado | Franchisee | Revolution Franchise Brokers

Peter Johnson,

Boulder, CO. (Painting Franchise Owner)

Jason Revere was amazing to work with. He got me the exact franchise I wanted. Thanks, Jason.
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